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Drone On!


Well today's the day! I passed my part 107 remote pilot exam! Time to fly! I have been practicing some with my new mavic 2 pro but I had to wait to pass the exam before using it for commercial purposes. Thanks to YouTube photography guru Tony Northrup's study guide and of course the FAA part 107 study guide I made it through on my first try!

Drone Murder!


I nearly KILLED my drone yesterday! :( I was happy and relaxed after I passed the FAA test for my drone certification, and I went to the park to practice with my new tool and immediately flew it into a light pole. Totally my fault as I had also turned off the anti collision sensors because the beep really annoys me. Anyway the drone did not crash but something is wrong with the gimbal now and it struggles to do anything but look straight down. UGH. If you get a drone buy the insurance please. And leave the anti collision features on. I will post again when I find out what it will take to fix my mistake. 


Drone Resurrection!

I got my drone back from DJI and since I foolishly did not buy the insurance the fix cost me over $500 dollars. Yuck! Anyway the positive thing is that I can begin offering drone services again! And also I have insurance now...

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